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Coach Buses: Motor Coach Bus Sizes and Other FAQ

By December 4, 2012 January 24th, 2014 5 Comments

Coach Buses What sizes are motor coach buses?
The most popular bus sizes carry 55 or 56 passengers. 47-passenger buses are much less common, but also available through a few bus companies.

Do the buses have seat belts?
Most buses do not have seat belts.

Do all buses come equipped with a TV and DVD player?
Most, but not all, buses are equipped with a TV and DVD player for watching movies. Since this is not an industry-wide standard, it is recommended that you request a bus with a DVD player, if interested.

What about tipping the driver?
Almost all travel packages at Scholastica Travel include a tip for the driver built into the trip pricing, one less thing to think about while traveling! Confirm tip inclusion with your Scholastica travel consultant.

Do coach buses have a bathroom that we can use?
Most motor coaches have a bathroom on board. However, we highly recommend reserving bathroom use for true emergencies. Bathrooms are often not emptied until the end of the trip. Exercise your discretion.

Can we eat inside the motor coach?
Almost all coach buses allow you to eat while on board. However, most prohibit having milk, milk products (e.g. ice cream), and any glass containers.  Also, drinks must have a twist top; canned drinks are not permitted. Please gather your trash and dispose as you exit the bus.

What should we do with trash?
Drivers often have a trash can or tie a trash bag near the front of the bus. As a courtesy to the driver and other passengers, discard your trash once exiting the bus. It is helpful to bring an extra trash bag to help with garbage management.

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