4 Ways to Fundraise with Technology for Your School Trip

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Fundraise with Technology


Capitalize on technology to raise money for your school trip this year. Fundraising meets the 21st century. Here are four ways that you can fundraise with technology this year:

1. Crowd funding – Sometimes community members would prefer to make a donation to your school trip rather than buying something they do not need. Make giving convenient and easy by setting up an online donation site. You can start collecting donations right away!  The link to the fundraising page can be emailed to friends, family, and  co-workers across the country, who may not be able to participate in your local fundraisers.  When hosting other fundraising events, make sure the link to your fundraising website is included on posters and other handouts.  Encourage students to create a fun and engaging video to share on the site. Keep donors updated on your trip planning and fundraising progress through brief updates.  Check out one teacher’s site for her Washington DC school trip.

A few crowd funding sites:

fundraise with technology


2. Grocery Store Check-Out: Did you know that some grocery stores allow customers to link their member card to a non-profit organization? Harris Teeter does! When customers purchase select Harris Teeter Brand products using their member card, Harris Teeter contributes a percentage of those purchase dollars to the schools of their choice. Schools use the money as they see fit on anything from basic supplies to band equipment or computers. Check with your local grocery store to see if they offer a similar program

3. Ebay –  Put a new spin on the community garage sale by posting donated items on Ebay.

4.  Social – If you school’s technology policy allows, set up a dedicated Facebook page, Tumblr, or Twitter handle for your school trip. Invite friends, family, community members, and organizations to connect with you. This is an excellent marketing platform to keep your network and the greater community informed of your upcoming fundraising events. Photos, planning news, destination learning, etc. are all great updates to share along the way. During the trip you can share also students’ reactions to what they are seeing and learning and destination photos.  If you set up an online donation site, your social media sites are great outlets for promotion.

In what ways do you fundraise with technology? Comment below!

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