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Fundraisers that Prepare You for Your Trip AND Raise Money

By July 10, 2013 March 1st, 2018 3 Comments

Fundraisers are a necessary part of running any student trip. Why not raise money and educate your students about your destination at the same time?

Trivia Night:

fundraiser: trivia night


Trivia nights are fun for everyone! Prepare well in advance with questions covering a range of topics, but have a category that relates specifically to your travel destination. Students attending the trip can be responsible for writing the questions for this category. Working individually or in groups, students will research their destination and design 5-10 questions to ask at trivia night. By researching ahead of time, students are taking both an active part in the event and in learning for their trip. Here are a few articles to help you get organized, step-by-step.


If your field trip is in the spring, you know that in many destinations it can be hot, hot, HOT! It is very important for all students to stay hydrated, both for their health and enjoyment on the trip. However, many students are unaware of what it means to be hydrated. Students need to drink water before they become thirsty. To practice hydrating and fundraise at the same time, host a Water-A-Thon fundraiser. This is an individual fundraiser and can be run on a flexible timeline. Have students request pledge money for each glass of water consumed a day. Create a pledge sheet and tracking calender, and set a pledge collection timeline. Run the event for several weeks or months to give students the time to make hydrating a habit.


fundraisers: walk-a-thon


As you know, the best way to see a city is by walking! Although all of our tours utilize motor coach buses, walking is still a big part of our trips. Sometimes, students are unaccustomed to frequent walking throughout the day. Help get everyone in shape and mentally prepared for the trip by hosting a Walk-A-Thon at your school. It is a fun event for your whole community. Map out distances between memorials, buildings, or other destinations on your itinerary. Have students collect pledges for each of these distances. During the event, hold up corresponding signs (re: You just walked to the White House!). This event can be run successfully both on a small or a large scale, and themed as little or as heavily as you like. Here are several resources to help you plan:

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