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Great Fundraisers: Items to Auction for Your School Trip

By October 17, 2012 December 11th, 2012 2 Comments

TShirt Quilt

School auctions are great fundraisers for the school and your organization! Contact the auction chair to see if your organization or school trip group can enter an item at the auction for a trip fundraiser. Unsure what to enter? Here are 4 items that are sure to generate high interest at the school auction:

School T-Shirt Quilt: Create and auction a blanket out of current school t-shirts! To minimize upfront cost, ask club moderators, team coaches, and staff if they would be willing to donate a shirt or if your group can purchase the shirts at whole price. Ask trip parents if they, or someone they know, would be willing to make the quilt. This item is a keepsake for any student or parent!

Front Row Seats at Graduation: Many parents will want to sit front and center to see their child walk across the stage at graduation! Contact the graduation committee to see if four seats can be reserved and auctioned.

Yard Clean-Up: Many people would like help with their fall or spring yard clean-up and gardening. Auction a Saturday afternoon where trip students will garden, weed, and rake leaves for the auction winner. First seek parental approval and a Saturday that fits the schedule for trip participants.

Map Waste BasketTravel Basket: Have trip students weave a waste basket out of old maps or maps of your destination. Then, fill the basket with a travel guide for your destination and purchase a travel gift certificate from Scholastica Travel.  If your school creates t-shirts for the trip each year, include an extra in the basket. This helps to promote your cause and organization. The basket can also contain other travel items, such as a travel magazine subscription, a journal, travel size toiletries, a picture frame, or a travel coffee mug.

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