Online Shopping Fundraisers: Raise Money for Your School Trip

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Online Shopping Fundraisers


Online shopping fundraisers can raise money for your school trip without added costs to the school or the shopper. There are several online charity malls that serve as a portal to hundreds of online retailers including Lowe’s,, Best Buy, Crate & Barrel, Macy’s, and more. When you shop through one of these online charity malls, a percentage of your purchase is donated to your selected charity at no added cost to the shopper.

Benefits to Online Shopping Fundraisers:

Convenient – You are shopping online anyway. Why not donate to your school trip in the process?

No Added Expense – Purchases are the same price or less than shopping through the online retailer. Sometimes, online charity malls receive exclusive coupons from online retailers.

No Unnecessary Purchases – Online shopping fundraisers let shoppers purchase what they want, rather than having to sell something unneeded.

Collect Donations Year-Round – Online shopping fundraisers are excellent ways to collect passive donations year round for your school trip. Collect whenever someone shops!

Requirements to Hold Online Shopping Fundraisers:

Most online charity malls require proof of nonprofit status to participate.

Portals for Online Shopping Fundraisers:

Please note that Scholastica Travel does not endorse nor is affiliated with any of the online charity malls listed below. This list is a starting point for group leaders and serves to generate ideas only.

Online Shopping Fundraisers

Image: Shop at over 1,300 retailers using the iGive button, the iPad/iPhone app, or use the site to visit the stores. iGive takes care of getting the money to the nonprofit you selected. Purchase donation percentages range from 0.5% to 20%. Over 1,000 stores are available for shopping at OneCause. Quickly access the list of merchants and donation percentages. View coupons, free shipping and deals. After registration, your school will be added to OneCause a few days later. Become a OneCause Champion and gain access to promotional materials, contribution reports, and supporter lists. Raise money for your school trip with Fundinco whenever your supporters shop at Join now. Shop at over 100 stores with Charity Blast. Learn more.

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