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Planning a Great Field Trip…Starts Now!

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Northridge Middle School students experiencing the Capitol rotunda.

Summer is a time of rejuvenation. It is also the best time to reflect on the past school year and field trip and get ready for the year ahead. The sooner you get started with next year’s field trip, the less you need to do during the school year. Let’s get started:

While It’s Fresh:

  • If you traveled this spring, now is the time to reflect on your trip. What worked? What could be smoother? Look back at your itinerary and think through the details. Reflect while everything is still fresh in your mind. Hold a meeting with other teacher chaperones to brainstorm for next year.
  • Are there sites that you want to add for next year? Are there sites that can be skipped?

Location, Location, Location:

  •  Think about your upcoming class of students. Do you want to keep the same destination or try something different?

Timing is Everything:

  • Many vendors are already booked for next spring, especially in Washington DC. Now is the time to set your dates for next year and talk to your travel consultant. We will take care of the rest, securing all available reservation requests.
  • Are your dates flexible? The week of May 15th is one of the busiest is Washington DC. Can your group travel in April or go a week earlier/later?


  • Who would be great chaperones for this field trip? Contact them by email this summer. Share with them the Chaperone resource page so that they know what to expect.

Brainstorm on Fundraising:

  •   What have been your most successful fundraisers? Are there creative, new-to-you fundraisers that you want to try next year? Now is a great time to brainstorm and get the tools in place to be successful for next year. Mark ideal dates on your calendar, so when the school year starts you can hit the ground running.

Student Engagement:

  • Are there additional ways that you can engage your students before the field trip? Can destination sites  or events be incorporated into your lesson plans?  How can you increase their excitement and appreciation for this travel opportunity? Can posters be added to your classroom? Can last year’s students speak to your class?


Are you ready to get started?


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