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Teacher Retirement Part 2: How to Lay the Ground Work for Future Trip Success

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In this four part series on teacher retirement, we cover the following topics:

Steps to Ensure Future Trip Success

You’ve identified a great candidate to take over the school trip after you retire. Now, it’s time to take the next steps to ensure a smooth leadership transition and future trip success.


Discuss the Transition Early

As soon as you’ve identified your candidate(s), discuss the possibility of them leading the trip in the future.The earlier you get started, the better. If the candidate you’ve identified is not interested, you still have plenty of time to find another person to fill the place. Preferably, this conversation happens during the early planning stages of the current school trip you are leading.


Shadow the Planning Process

Invite the upcoming group leader to shadow the trip planning process. Keep them informed of what you receive from Scholastica, when items are due, when to schedule parent meetings, how to decide on fundraisers, etc. The more familiar they can become with the planning process and timelines, the easier it will be when they transition into full leadership the following year.


Copy New Leader on Trip Communications

For a bird’s-eye view of the planning, copy the incoming group leader on email communications with Scholastica Travel and other trip staff. Let them know they do not need to respond to the emails. The emails are to simply keep them informed. These emails can act as a great reference during their first year of leading the trip. If they have any questions, they can refer back to the messages to see relative timelines for decisions, paperwork, etc.


Discuss Trip Payment Options

Inform the new group leader that multiple payment options exist with Scholastica Travel. If they do not want to collect individual checks from parents, an online payment option is available. Encourage them to use whichever method they feel is easiest for them.


Outline How You Organize

Briefly outline a few “how to” guides for the processes that you feel you have refined over the years. Do you have a preferred method for hotel check-in, creating chaperone groups, or organizing rooming lists? Outline this process and share it with the new group leader. This will streamline their learning experience and give them a tangible resource to refer back to when they are in charge.


Schedule Next Trip Dates Prior to Travel

Before you travel on your last trip as the group leader, send the trip dates for the next school year to Scholastica Travel. This will give powerful momentum to the leadership transition. With plans already moving forward, the likelihood of future trip success is greatly increased. Scholastica will prepare a proposal that will be ready for the new group leader when they return from the trip.┬áThe new group leader will have their Scholastica Travel consultant’s contact information so that they can reach out at any time with questions.


Be Mindful of Details During Trip

As you are traveling on your last school trip, be mindful of details that would be helpful for the incoming group leader to know. If you’ve stayed at the same hotel for years, let the new group leader know and explain why. If there are certain attractions that would be fun to include, but you haven’t due to time restraints, share this information. These details are all helpful as the new group leader plans their first trip.


Taking these steps will greatly increase the likelihood of future trip success. You’ve worked hard to make this trip happen! Now is the time to make the effort to prepare the next group leader.


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