Thank You Teachers


What an incredible time of year. Students are graduating. Summer is approaching. Your countless hours of dedication to the intellectual and personal growth of students have come to fruition. You can look at your class and know that you gave it your all and have prepared them for the road ahead. We sincerely hope that you take the time to soak it in and reflect on the great impact that you have made in the classroom.

thank you teachers


We want to thank you. Thank you for educating our children. Thank you for meeting the challenges this school year has presented with perseverance and flexibility. Thank you for trying new things in your lesson plans and for adjusting your schedules for winter storms. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm towards learning and for encouraging our students to become lifelong learners themselves. What you did this year in the classroom matters, and we cannot thank you enough.

In our office, we  have the privilege and honor of  collaborating with amazing educators like yourself every day. It is our goal to help you create amazing memories for your class – memories that you and your students will cherish for years to come.  We are consistently amazed by the care and attention to detail that you bring to each trip, always looking for ways to make the experience that much better.

Thank you for bringing these opportunities to your students. Thank you for encouraging them to experience something new, to step out and see what is possible for them.

If you are considering traveling with your class next year, please give us a call before school lets out.  We will work on the arrangements for your trip while you enjoy summer vacation. We can reconvene again when school starts. Many vendors have already communicated limited availability for next Spring. One conversation can get us started on securing more of your first choices for your destination.

Again, thank you for all you have done and continue to do for the benefit of your students. We hope that your summer is filled with rejuvenation and great ideas for the school year ahead. You deserve it without a doubt. Enjoy!