[toggle_content title=”Step 1: Request More Information”] Requesting more information is the first step towards an unforgettable customized tour for your group. First, submit a request online or call our office. A travel consultant will follow-up shortly thereafter to discuss your interests.

Questions and answers to discuss with your travel consultant:

  • What is your destination?
  • How many days are you interested in traveling (including transportation time)?
  • How many people do you anticipate traveling?
  • What is the target price of the trip?
  • What is the educational focus of the trip?
  • What are your preferred accommodations (economy, moderate, deluxe)?
  • What means of transportation are you interested in using?
  • Which meals do you want included?
  • What activities/attractions are of special interest to include in the trip?
  • Do you have a tour leader you would like to request?
[/toggle_content] [toggle_content title=”Step 2:  Proposal Development and Selection”] During proposal development, your travel consultant creates your itinerary and determines the associated cost. This itinerary is customized completely to your group’s interests and needs, taking into account all information previously discussed.

We believe very strongly in providing as much information as possible regarding your trip.  Therefore, we will provide five (5) package prices up front. These prices fluctuate based on the number of people in your group. You will never have to guess the price should you have more or less travelers than anticipated. If you are uncertain of how many people will sign up for this trip, we suggest charging a middle price. Should your numbers fall in a lower price category, it is easier to refund money than to ask for more from parents.

Once you and your travel consultant have reached an agreement on a proposal that is right for your group and your destination and dates have been determined, our team will prepare your trip agreement.[/toggle_content]
[toggle_content title=”Step 3:  Reservations”]Once you and your travel consultant have determined your destination and dates and have reached an agreement on a proposal that is right for your group, our reservation team will:

  • Reserve quality motor coaches.
  • Reserve rooms at a quality student-safe hotel.
  • Reserve other significant attractions important to your group.

Reservations are considered tentative, contingent on the receipt of your signed trip agreement and reservation form. [/toggle_content][toggle_content title=”Step 4:  Trip Agreement”]After a proposal agreement is reached and reservations have been made, your travel consultant will prepare a trip agreement. This trip agreement includes:

  • Travel dates
  • Price
  • Price Inclusions
  • Deposit amounts and due dates
  • Rooming list due date
  • Cancellation policies

Once this document is signed by overseeing party, trip will be confirmed.

[/toggle_content][toggle_content title=”Step 5:  Prepare for Tour”]Now that your trip agreement is in, it is time to put your plan into motion! During this phase, the following take place:

  • Chaperones are recruited.
  • Forms are collected.
  • Rooming list is prepared and submitted.
  • Payments are collected and submitted as outlined in trip agreement.

Visit our Pre-Trip Preparations page for further information and assistance.

[/toggle_content][toggle_content title=”Step 6: Enjoy Your Tour!”]The preparations are over! It is time to load your bus, meet the tour leader, and have an amazing experience!

[/toggle_content][toggle_content title=”Step 7:  Review, Refer, Repeat”]Once you return home from your educational tour, be sure to do the following:

1. Submit a Customer Review: Not only will your review help us to continue providing outstanding student travel experiences, but it will also enter you into a drawing for cash prizes! We recognize that your time is valuable. A cash drawing is our way of saying thank you for your feedback!

2. Refer a Group, Earn  Rewards: If you can’t stop talking about your great travel experience and how your school has benefited from working with us, let us know! When you refer another group sponsor in your area to Scholastica Travel – and the group takes an overnight trip with us – you qualify for easy money, airline tickets, or even a Bahamas cruise.

3. Repeat: The best time to start planning your trip for the following year is immediately after you return. Early booking may secure your first choices! [/toggle_content]