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Virtual Tour of 15 Historic Places: Explore Before Your Class Field Trip

By September 5, 2012 February 8th, 2018 2 Comments

Your students are eager for their class trip and excitedly ask questions about what their destination looks like, why they are visiting, and what they can do there. Sometimes it can be difficult to describe a place in words; it is something they have to experience for themselves! Wouldn’t it be great if you could  enhance their learning experience by giving them a glimpse of the destination ahead of time? These 15 virtual tours can take you there before you go on the road.

Take a Virtual Tour of Colonial Williamsburg

Take a Virtual Tour of Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg – An on-going project aimed at re-creating Williamsburg as it would have been in 1776.

Gettysburg – Take an interactive battlefield tour of Gettysburg. View 21 battlefield panoramas!

Mount Vernon Mansion – Take a virtual tour of the estate of Mount Vernon. Not only will you experience 360 degree views of each room, but you can also select objects in the room to learn more of their history.

White House – Take a tour inside the White House. You can also explore the White House at home by watching the Inside the White House video series or the Google Art project.


Take a virtual tour of the Supreme Court

Take a virtual tour of the Supreme Court

Supreme Court Building – Stand on First Street in front of the Supreme Court Building. Select statues or the portico frieze to view details and learn of their symbolism. Take virtual tours the Great Room, the courtroom, and see the chambers of the Justices.

Library of Congress– View photos of the Thomas Jefferson building and details of the interior and exterior. Descriptions accompany each photograph for further information.

United States Botanic Garden – Tour the United States Botanic Garden before you visit Washington D.C. Explore 360 degree views of 9 locations at the botanic garden, including the jungle, orchid, and desert rooms. It’s feels like you are there!


Tour the United States Botanic Garden

Tour the United States Botanic Garden

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History – View panoramas inside the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Take virtual tours room-by-room of the whole museum.

United States Mint – This slideshow of the coin-making process provides an overview of how the United States designs and manufactures coins. Facilities in Philadelphia and Denver are featured.

The Kennedy Center – Get a glimpse of the awe of the Kennedy Center on this virtual tour. Descriptions are included for each room and terrace.

Freedom in America – A partnership between the National Park Foundation and Ball State University, Freedom in America is an electronic field trip where students and teachers can explore the American search for freedom. Meet characters throughout history as you play a virtual board game and watch interactive webisodes. The site is divided into a student and teacher sections.

American Museum of Natural History – Explore the  floor plan of the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Select map locations to view a picture of the room or exhibit and a corresponding description.

U.S. Capitols and Landmarks Tour via Google Earth

Ellis Island – Take an interactive tour of Ellis Island. Walk step-by-step through the immigration process and view historic photos.

Plimouth Plantation – Get an up close and personal look at the Pilgrim Village, Plimoth Plantation, and Wampanoag homesite with these video tours. You can also take a 360 degree look at the Wampanoag homesite, the Wetu interior, or a 17th-century English village.

United States Capitols and Landmarks Tour – With Google Earth, you can now take a tour of the U.S. capitols and major landmarks. Fly through each by pressing play or pause to explore each more in-depth.

Certainly, these virtual tours are no substitute for experiencing for yourself first-hand. They can, however, be used as a tool for a first glimpse of your destination, to build excitement and enhance understanding. We’ve also pinned each of these tours on Pinterest! Connect with us!