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3 Fundraising Ideas for School Trips: Support Local Business

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Fundraising in partnership with a local business is a win-win for your school trip and your community. It is an opportunity to promote what a great experience this trip is for your students.  Additionally, you support the growth of a local business. Over time, the community builds a strong tradition together; both in support of the student trip and the work of local businesses.

1.T-Shirt Ad Space: Many schools create t-shirts for participants to wear during their trip. These t-shirts build camaraderie, provide a lasting souvenir, and help to keep track of students during the trip. If you are already creating the t-shirts, why not turn it into a fundraiser? Request sponsorship from friends and family and advertisements from local businesses. Logos of businesses and names of sponsors can be printed on the back of the t-shirt. Brainstorm with trip participants for local businesses to contact. Divide these businesses among the students. Businesses will then only be contacted by one student rather than several. This will also improve your overall efficiency.  Match students with businesses where they have connections or particular affinity. Set a flat rate for business participation. Some businesses will be more generous, while other will be less. Over time, this fundraiser can build a strong connection among the community.


2. Sell a Local Product: Partner with a local company to sell a useful, locally made product. The benefits are three-fold; money is earned for your trip, a local business is supported, and supporters walk away with something practical. Price the product so that your organization earns 40% or more of the profits. Honey and coffee are excellent products to sell. Many people use these products daily. Find a local beekeeper at a farmer’s market or a local coffee roaster. Agree upon a pricing and supply scheme. For example, honey could be sold for $10, with $5 going to the beekeeper and $5 to your organization.

3. Dine-Out at a Participating Restaurant:  Many restaurants host fundraising nights for local organizations. Your school can earn 10-20% of the nights’ receipts! These nights are great opportunities for hosting a trip meeting, fundraising, and building excitement for your trip all at the same time.  Interested? There are over 20 different restaurants with school fundraising opportunities!

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One Comment

  • These are some pretty original ideas especially looking at selling something local and fresh, it’s almost like a fruitpicking type situation could work. certainly selling things people will donate or make? I often thing getting the kids tomake stuff from salt dough and getting the parents to buy it could work too.