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5 Fundraising Food Event Ideas for School Trips

By April 18, 2012 November 1st, 2012 5 Comments
Chili Cook Off

Host a Chili Cook Off before a Football Game! (photo

Fundraising is often necessary to run a school trip. This post is a sequel to 5 Great Fundraising Event Ideas for School Trips! Here’s how to raise the dough with food events:
1.       Chili cook-off:  Ask families to create a crockpot full of their favorite family recipe chili and hold a chili cook-off competition! This is best run prior to a home football game. Football fans can pay for a ticket to taste test at the cook-off. Provide ticket holders with a spoonful of each participating chili and allow them to vote for their favorite.  The winner can be announced at half time. A coordinating corn bread bake-off can also be held. What a delicious way to fundraise!

Pie the Teacher Day

Pie The Teacher Fundaiser! (photo

2.       Pi Day:  Who is willing to take a whip cream pie in the face? Recruit faculty  and hold a separate raffle for the pie thrown at each volunteer. Fundraise by charging per ticket. Students and community members can purchase as many tickets as they want and decide how to divide their tickets among the faculty raffles. This fundraising event can be hosted on Pi day (3/14) or in conjunction with a pep assembly (pies thrown at pep assembly).
3.       Pancake Breakfast: Host a pancake breakfast in the cafeteria on a weekday before school starts to fundraise for your trip! Families can enjoy breakfast together before going to school and work. Serve pancakes, sausage/bacon, orange juice, and coffee! Ask for donations or charge a fixed price.

Pancake Breakfast

Host a Pancake Breakfast! (photo

4.       Spaghetti Dinner: Host a spaghetti dinner in the gym or cafeteria, preferably on a Friday before a basketball or football game or prior to a large event at school. Ask for donations or fix a price per person. Serve spaghetti and meatballs, salad, and garlic bread.
5.       Sub/Sandwich Sale:  Buy sub items in bulk to create sandwiches to sell to the community. Set a menu with 3-5 standard options. Take pre-orders and create all the subs at once, often on a Saturday morning. This works best with large groups, such as marching bands.

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