Silly School Fundraisers to Raise Money for Your Trip

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Silly School Fundraisers

Let your hair down with these silly school fundraisers! These fundraisers are fun ideas to generate laughter and money for your school trip!

  • Photobooth
    • Photobooths are very popular these days! You can either rent a photobooth or set up your own using a white backdrop and a camera on a tripod. Have students bring in hats, funny glasses, boas, silly signs, mustaches, etc. and collect in a costume box for the photobooth. Photobooths can be set up at basketball games, during lunch/recess, or at another indoor event. Collect money to take several posed pictures. Pictures can be printed and distributed after the event or for a lower fee, emailed to the customer.
  • Kiss the Pig!
    • This money-maker will certainly stir up laughter! From Scholastic’s website: Oswalt Academy in Walnut, CA, hosted a Kiss the Pig fundraiser in which students and community members voted for which teachers, one per grade level, would have to wear a pig nose and kiss a 90-pound pig during an all-school assembly. Each vote cost one dollar, and the teacher with the most votes . . . won? The fundraiser brought in $4,200 for the K–8 school. No pig readily available for your school? How about a brown cow?
  • Turkey Legs Contest.
    • From Education World: Have art students paint a large cartoony turkey on a sheet of plywood or canvas. Hang the turkey so that teachers can stand behind it; all that can be seen is their “turkey legs.” Participants can wear their favorite socks or funny shoes and have their picture taken. Students then pay 25 cents to vote for the “best turkey legs.” They might pay 25 cents more to fill out a sheet in which they match each photo to the name of the teacher whose legs they think they see in that photo. Solicit community businesses for prizes for the teacher with the most votes and the student who correctly matches the most teachers with their turkey-leg photos.
  • Flamingo Fundraising
    • Silly School Fundraisers


      From Flamingo Fundraising: Announce your upcoming Flamingo Fundraiser and have members get pre-orders from supporters to have one or more of their friends “flamingoed”. Alter pricing for the size of the flock. Also, Sell Anti-Flocking Insurance to supporters so that they will not get “Flamingoed” for $10 extra. Now, The Fun Begins . . . In the dead of the night, your members place the flamingos in the yards of the friends that all of your supporters paid to have “Flamingoed”. Each of the flocks will have a note explaining how a friend of theirs paid to have them “Flamingoed” in support of your fundraiser. Also, the note will let them know that if they pay your group a donation, you will remove the flock and send it to the yard of any friend that they choose. This Fundraiser continues to feed on itself as the flamingos migrate from house to house. Most fundraising groups will order enough flamingos to have several flocks going at the same time.

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