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5 Types of Shoes NOT to Wear on a School Field Trip

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Are your students’ footwear choices making them miserable during field trips? Selecting fashion over function destines students for blisters, sore feet, and exhaustion. Choosing the correct shoes are essential to an enjoyable, engaging travel experience. Here is what NOT to wear on your next school field trip:

Shoes   NOT   to   Wear   on   a   School   Trip

Flip flops are certainly a flop for school field trips. Photo:

1. Flip Flops: No matter how beautiful a day, flip flops are only a great idea on a school field trip during the first five minutes. Walking is the best way to see a city. Flip flops lack support and structural integrity. They will likely break by the second day of the trip or cause painful rubbing and blisters that will force students to select or buy alternative shoes.




Uggs leave students feeling ugh on tour. Photo

2. Uggs: Uggs are warm, comfortable, and certainly tempting to wear on chilly days in the city. However, these shoes also lack significant support. Wearing Uggs in Washington DC to visit Arlington National Cemetery or walk the National Mall will leave feet tired and sore. Students will be looking for the nearest bench instead of the exploring the amazing exhibits of the Smithsonian museums. Ugh.





Students are bound for blisters in flats. Photo:

3. Ballet Flats: Cute and fashionable, ballet flats are definitely popular these days. Students wearing these shoes are likely the first to voice a complaint. Again, a lack of structural integrity and arch support will leave not only feet sore, but students’ legs and back too. There is so much to see and do on a student tour. Don’t let your shoes distract from all of the amazing sites and experiences.





Wedges are short-lived enjoyment on a school trip. Photo

4. Heels:  Wedges, heels, pumps, and stilettos are definitely a no-go for school field trips. School groups often encourage students to dress up for dinner cruises, dances, or special events on tour. While this is perfectly fine, we also encourage students to bring an additional pair of shoes for dancing or walking back to the bus later in the evening. Heels are very discouraged for daytime touring.




Save slippers for the hotel or the drive home. photo:

5. Slippers: Slippers are fun, amusing, and comfortable to wear ON the bus. However, slippers should be swapped for comfortable shoes before you step off of the bus to explore. Touring will wear slippers out and destroy them with dirt. Ultimately, they will not offer enough support throughout the day.

Encourage students to wear supportive and comfortable shoes for the duration of their school field trip experience. Students will be less tired and more engaged in their destination, leading to a more enjoyable experience overall.