Awesome Fundraising Ideas: Recycling Fundraisers for School Trips

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Recycling Fundraiser

Recycle by the truckload to fundraise in your community!

Are you looking for a fundraiser that doesn’t involve the time of event planning and the exhaustion of selling many items? What about a fundraiser that not only raises money but helps the environment and clears out clutter? There are many ways that you can raise money for your school trip by recycling electronics, textiles, and ink cartridges. This is especially helpful if you school is undergoing a technology upgrade. Encourage local businesses and the community to support your efforts to maximize your profits.  Here are a few ideas and participating organizations:

Funding Factory – Send your used inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges, cell phones, laptops and small electronics to Funding Factory in exchange for cash. There are no start up costs, shipping is free, and they even include free marketing materials.

Recycle for Schools – Get paid to recycle discarded cell phones printer cartridges. Free shipping is included.

Recycling – This company accepts cell phones, laptops, ink jets, digital cameras, video cameras, MP3 players. There is no cost to participate and shipping is free.

GoodThrift – Clothing drive fundraiser. Set up a clothing drive donation area at your school and receive pay by the weight of donated clothing. There is no time limit for the fundraiser. Simply set-up a donation zone and cash in when ready.

Bag2School – Students and staff donate second-hand clothing and textiles which are exchanged for cash based on the total weight of the items. The textiles are sold as used clothing overseas which helps to boost affordable clothing in developing countries.

Shoe Recycling Fundraiser – Collect and send old shoes in exchange for money for your organization. From the website, “Recycling your used shoes helps create businesses on the African continent, puts shoes on the feet of those who need them, and helps you raise funds for your cause.”

TerraCycle – One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Receive payment for items that non-recyclable or difficult to recycle. Terracycle converts wrappers, juice boxes, and other items into usable products such as purses and park benches.

Recycling Fundraiser


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