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12 Great Chicago Apps for School Field Trips

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Chicago Apps


See an example of a 3-day customized Chicago itinerary 

Chicago   Apps

1. Choose Chicago App

Price to Download: Free

Key Features: “Get contact information and maps for hotels, restaurants, theaters, museums and more. Discover things to do near your location, from shopping to sightseeing tours. Find events happening all around the city. Browse great local deals for instant savings. Get the latest Chicago weather.”

2. Chicago Travel Guide and Offline City Map

Price to Download: Free

Key Features: “Detailed offline maps, in-depth travel content, popular places, and insider tips.”

3. Chicago Festival Finder

Price to Download: Free

Key Features: Provides all the information you need on upcoming festivals in Chicago.

4. iTrans Chicago CTA app 

Price to Download: $0.99

Key Features: Search ‘L’ system stations, see train schedules, live train departure times, and a street map mode that displays lines and station locations on a street map, along with entrances and exits to station buildings.

5. The Prairie Architect Around Chicago App

Price to Download: $2.99

Key Features: Explore 28 Frank Lloyd Wright sites in and around Chicago that are open to the public and offer up-close experiences or tours. All sites feature standard, satellite and hybrid views.

6. Chicago Architecture App

Price to Download: $2.99

Key Features: “This “critical guide” steers you to dozens of the city’s landmarks and hidden jewels with the outspoken commentary of Edward Keegan, an award-winning architectural observer and participant in the local scene for a quarter century.”

Chicago Apps

7. Field Museum Tours App

Price to Download: Free

Key Features: “The Field Museum app is loaded with exclusive content, experiences and curated tours – everything you need to get a deeper understanding of the objects in our collection.”

8. Art Institute of Chicago Tours App

Price to Download: Free

Key Features: “50 personalized tours, each featuring 6 to 10 works of art, with brief entries that explain each work’s connection to a theme or its significance in the history of art”

9. Lincoln Park Zoo Observe to Learn App

Price to Download: Free

Key Features: This app includes ” Background information on ethology (study of animal behavior), a default ethogram (behavior checklist) to study any animal of your choice, a practice session to learn how to use the app to collect accurate data, an opportunity to create an original ethogram with any behaviors for any animal, a video to demonstrate common behaviors, a formal summary of the data you collected in report form, and an option to email yourself the data in a spreadsheet format for later use and analysis.”

10. Lincoln Park Zoo Creating Young Researchers

Price to Download: Free

Key Features: The Ceating Young Researchers application includes, “Background information on the study of ecology and biodiversity surveys, instructions on how to collect data, a comprehensive list of local animals, descriptions and photos of each animal to help with identification, sample vocalizations for most animals, a summary of your biodiversity study results, an option to email the data for later use and analysis.”

11. Museum of Science and IndustrChew or Die Game

Price to Download: Free

Key Features: “Chew or Die is a new food challenge app from the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago that encourages users to make small positive changes in their daily food choices by competing to eat new, creative and healthy snacks and meals.”

12. Museum of Science and IndustrVirtual Heart

Price to Download: Free

Key Features: “The Virtual Heart app invites users to explore multiple views of the human heart: an external view and three internal views that realistically depict the heart’s valves, blood flow and electrical system. Offering an internal journey into the human heart most people may not have ever experienced, users can choose to turn on labels that identify different areas of the heart’s structure and can slide their finger up and down the screen to change the view of the heart from external to internal. Red and blue color streams visualize blood flow, and flashes of light highlight the heart’s electrical system.”

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