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Chicago Student Trip: Greater Latrobe High School NHS Explores Chicago

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Chicago Student Trip

See photos from the Chicago trip!

Chicago Student TripThe Latrobe National Honor Society spent our annual trip exploring the beautiful Downtown Chicago area this April. The trip was well planned, packed, and exciting to say the least!

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The first night of the trip started with a bang, a performance by the Blue Man Group. The show was absolutely electric, and far surpassed my expectations. The show made us laugh, watch in awe, and even get up and dance. The trip also included interesting Chicago sites and educational spots, such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Shedd Aquarium, and the Field Museum. A river architectural tour of the city showed off the cities wonderful designs, and many of us enjoyed a cup of coffee on the cold Chicago River.

Of course, city life came as a slight culture shock to many of us, as Latrobe is a largely suburban/rural area. The cityscape from one thousand feet up on the Hancock observatory deck took my breath away. We also enjoyed quite a laugh at the Lincoln Park Zoo, where cows and farm animals are on display. In Western Pennsylvania, we’re used to seeing cows on farms, not in zoos.

The trip was exciting, educational, and cultured every minute. I enjoyed it, my fellow NHS members did, and I look forward to seeing Chicago in the future.

See photos from the Chicago trip!

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Josh McIntyre I Chicago Trip am a student, avid outdoorsman and indie game developer. I’m glad to get out and see new places before I settle in to college in my hometown of Latrobe.