5 Community Event Fundraisers: Fun for Everyone!

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Host a dog day afternoon to fundraise for your student trip! (photo

Looking for something fresh for next year’s fundraisers? Host a fun community event! With one large event, you may raise more money in less time than holding more frequent smaller fundraisers. Here are few ideas for you and your community:

  • Host a Dog-Day Afternoon
    • A fun event for your community! For a donation per dog, school parents and staff can drop off their pets to be watched while they run errands around town. It’s a dog park fundraiser! Fill baby pools with water for pups to play in. Offer dog walking services.  Your trip students will have fun playing with the puppies while making money for their trip. Event can be hosted on school grounds or the school parking lot, with granted permission.
  • Host a Hiking Event
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      Get hooked on fresh air! Select a weekend morning to hike a local trail or one close by. Encourage family, friends, and neighbors to participate. Encourage a $10 donation. Provide bottle water and a snack at the trail head. Have fun hitting the trail.

  • Host a Gift-Wrapping Event
    • Instead of selling wrapping paper, how about offering a gift wrapping service? Offer a block of time during basketball games, after school, or on weekends in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Students can work in teams to wrap presents in the school cafeteria or gymnasium.  You can even offer a hot chocolate and candy cane station to your patrons.
  • Host a Pumpkin Sale and Carving Event
    • Couple this event with a football, soccer, or other fall game! Before the game, set up an area where participants can purchase  and carve pumpkins. Proceeds from the sale go towards your fundraising efforts. Put the carved pumpkins on display during the game. Staff the table for additional trip donations and pumpkin sales, if allowed by the school.  For more fun and fundraising, hold a carving contest. Participants  can enter their pumpkin into a carving contest.  Winners can be selected by the trip students. Announce the winners at half time!Fundraisers