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NEW Destination: Delaware Seashore State Park

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Delaware Seashore State Park

Seine the bay at Delaware Seashore State Park, a new Scholastica destination!

Scholastica Travel is thrilled to announce the addition of a NEW destination for our school groups, Delaware Seashore State Park! Located less than three hours from Washington DC, Delaware Seashore State Park is a great 1-day addition to any Washington DC school trip. It is also an excellent standalone field trip for students grades 5-10.

Get hands-on with science through the many programs at Delaware Seashore State Park. Seine the bay and identify your catches. Dissect (and then eat!) a squid. Explore the salt marshes. Take an ecology boat tour of  Indian River Bay. Stay overnight and take a lantern tour of the museum and participate in a stargazing program. These programs are an excellent way to incorporate science into your travels and a great opportunity for students to experience natural coastal beauty.

Delaware Seashore State Park

Below is a list of several of the programs available at Delaware Seashore State Park. Most programs last an hour, but can be extended or shortened depending on your schedule. Several programs can be run simultaneously for larger groups, with students rotating between activities.

Delaware Seashore State Park Programs


Grade Levels

Program Description

Seining the Bay

1-8 Students will pull a 30’ seine net through the shallow waters of Rehoboth Bay.  Critters and plants are collected and examined in the viewing pool where we will discuss their adaptations for survival before releasing back in the water.
Marsh Walk 3-12 Exploration of the salt marsh.  Plant identification, levels of marsh vegetation, and the importance of wetlands will be highlighted.  Students will get very muddy on this walk!
Squid Dissection 3-8 Students will dissect a small squid to understand why they are the most advanced of the mollusks.  The study specimens will then be cleaned, deep-fried, and enjoyed as a calamari snack!
Beachcombing 2-10 An exploration of the intertidal zone.  Students will have the opportunity to explore on their own and identify what creatures live in coastal waters based on their findings on the beach.
Birding Bingo 3-12 Students learn to identify common coastal bird species, but this birding program has a twist!
Life of a Surfman 2-10 Tour of the Indian River Life-Saving Station.  Students will learn about the daily life of a surfman in the late 19th century and need for the service in our area.
Estuarine Ecology Boat Tour 4-10 Two hour boat tour of Indian River Bay.  Discussion of aquatic plants and animals of DE’s Inland Bays, human impacts on the health of our waterways, and hands-on water quality tests.  There will also be time for birding and crabbing.  Limit 35 passengers.
Delaware Seashore State Park

Are your students budding scientists? Let their passions soar as the investigate the ocean and the creatures that fill it.

Experience Delaware Seashore State Park!

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