Disney Vacation Tips: How to Boost Efficiency at Walt Disney World ®

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Vacation TipsWith so much to see and do at Walt Disney World®, moving through the parks efficiently is key to making the most of your vacation. Do more with your day by following these Disney® vacation tips.

Begin at the End

Start your day at the back of the park and work your way towards the front. Most people stand in line for the first ride or show that they see after entering the park. This causes longer lines that move progressively towards the back of the park. By following the opposite traffic pattern, you can increase your chances of shorter lines and smaller crowds.

Decrease Wait Time with Apps

Smartphone users can download free apps for each of the Walt Disney World® theme parks. The most valuable feature of these apps are the wait time estimates for any of the major rides or shows in the parks. While waiting in one ride line, you can check the wait time of the rides around you or across the park. Monitoring the wait times can dramatically boost your efficiency in the parks. Spend more time on rides and less time in lines!


Vacation Tips

Owners of Scholastica Travel, Nancy and John Weir, enjoy a recent trip to Walt Disney World.

Make use of the Disney FAST PASS® service to cut time standing in lines. Pick up a Disney FAST PASS®  as soon as you arrive to an area ofthe park that you will  spend at least 1-2 hours enjoying.  Then, ride other rides in the surrounding area with shorter lines until you can redeem your Disney FAST PASS®.  Repeat in each area with a ride with a Disney FAST PASS® .

Pack a Lunch

Bringing a packed lunch to Walt Disney World® is allowed and acceptable. Save money and time in food lines by bringing your own lunch. There are many seating areas where you can sit and enjoy! Fill up water bottles at the many fountains around the park. If you do purchase lunch, plan to eat either before noon or after 1:00 PM. Lunch lines at noon can be very long.

Make Dinner Reservations Early

If you plan to eat at one of the many wonderful sit-down restaurants at Walt Disney World®, make reservations at rVacation Tipsestaurants of interest as soon as you book your trip. Many restaurants, such as Cinderella’s Royal Table, can be fully booked months in advance. Having advanced dinner reservations can also help you to structure your day to end where your reservations are made. It is one less thing to think about when you arrive!

Stroller ID

If you will be visiting the park with a stroller, be sure to tie something to the stroller that will help to easily identify the one that belongs to you. When there are tens or hundreds of strollers parked in the same area, finding yours easily will help you to spend more time enjoying the park and less time stroller searching.

What vacation tips do you have for boosting efficiency? Are you ready to book your school or family trip to Walt Disney World®? Request more information to get started!

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