5 Fitness Fundraisers that Get You Moving!

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Fitness Fundraisers


Get up and move with these fitness fundraisers! Earn money for your trip while supporting healthy life habits.

  • Yardwork
    • Capitalize on the seasons by offering yard work services. Rake leaves in the fall, shovel snow in the winter, and pull weeds in the spring. School parents and neighbors can register for 1-3 hour blocks after school or on weekends. Students can sign up for blocks that meet their schedule. Charge an hourly rate per student.


  • Host a Fun Run, 5k and/or 10k
    • Host a 5k race in your community. Start a “running club”  a few weeks leading up to the event to get everyone ready.  One school had great success promoting healthy habits.” Tuesdays and Thursdays during recess kids could go over to the soccer field and run. For every mile that was completed the child received a plastic charm that looked like a running shoe.”

     How to Host a 5K Fundraiser

  • Fitness Fundraisers


    Sport Tournament

    • Call your local bowling alley, miniature golf course, or tennis club and ask if they will help you host a sports tournament. Have local businesses sponsor a bowling lane or mini golf whole for a donation. Print their logo on a sign and display it as appropriate. Alternatively, you can hold a basketball tournament in your school gymnasium.

    How to Host a Mini Golf Tournament

  • A-Thons
    • Host a dance-a-thon, walk-a-thon, or jump rope-a-thon. Each participant gets sponsors to donate money for each mile walked, for each hour danced, or for each minute jump roping. If you hold the event on a large scale, you can recruit local business to sell food or other items. Raffle prizes for sponsors and participants.

    Dance Marathons Make The Perfect High Energy Fundraiser


  • David Broom says:

    Awesome article! Anything that gets people up and moving is effective to helping people get in shape. Fitness simplified is just moving and anything that gets you to move is effective. Yard work especially and talk about killing two birds with one stone!

  • Scholastica Travel says:

    Thanks David!