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In Praise of Food Courts for Educational School Trips

food courts

Food courts are popular dining options for student groups on their school trips. They offer variety, flexibility, and fit any budget! Here are a few reasons why we recommend including a food court dining option on your school trip:

Food Courts Offer Variety

Variety is by far the best reason to dine at a food court during a school trip. There is something for everyone! Students have control over their food choices and are not confined by a pre-selected menu. They can decide to eat salad or a cheeseburger. They can have Chinese or Italian. Whatever they are in the mood for, there is likely an option for them. Everyone can choose what they want and return to touring happy.


Food Courts Can Accommodate Large Groups

Food courts offer plenty of seating for groups of all sizes. We recommend this as a comfortable dining option for large school groups (150+ people). Students will spend less time ordering, getting seated, waiting, etc. and more time enjoying their friends. Additionally, students do not need to fill every seat (as is popular with restaurant seating) and are able to sit with the people they choose.


Food Courts Do Not Require a Timed Reservation

Timed dining reservations are unnecessary! Eat as it suits your tour schedule, instead of arranging your tour schedule to accommodate an available reservation. This dining option gives added flexibility. Run into traffic? No problem! Want to stay longer at a memorial? No problem! This option is stress-free for your schedule.


Food Courts Are Time Efficient

Spend more time touring and less time eating by selecting a food court as a meal option for your group. Most groups eat in about 45 minutes. If you are eager to spend your time exploring your destination, this is an excellent choice for your group!


Food Courts Are Cost Conscious

Food courts can suit any budget.  Students can order as much or as little as they would like to eat based on their available spending money. Many groups include cash in their trip price to account for this meal. The trip tour leader will travel with the money and distribute it to the students at the food court. This ensures that students have money at mealtime, instead of erroneously spending it at another point in the trip.


Food Courts Offer Vouchers

Many food courts offer dining vouchers. These vouchers function both as a menu and payment for a meal. Each voucher will list the participating dining establishments as well as their participating menu selections. Students order their food from the vendor and then give the voucher to the cashier as payment. Vouchers are pre-ordered and included in the price of your trip. The trip tour leader will travel with the vouchers and will distribute them to the students at the food court.


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