Scholastica Travel Team Feature: Toni Thompson

By January 28, 2011 No Comments

Are you ready to meet the next contestant in our get-to-know-us series? Her name is Toni Thompson. Toni started working for Scholastica in October of 1990. She’s been here for over 20 years now. She exclaims, “oh, how the time has gone by!”

As with the others, I asked Toni to answer a set of questions. In response to how she found out about the job and why she accepted, she replied, “A mutual friend told me that there may be an opening here, so I applied. I thought that having the summers off would fit right into my schedule, since I had children. I started after I dropped my youngest daughter off for school and then got home when the school bus dropped her off. It was perfect. As my kids grew, so did my hours. I quickly went to full-time”.

When she began, her job was to answer the phones. Soon she became the “Girl Friday”, doing what needed to be done such as making copies, typing, filing, and assisting anyone that needed help. Then she moved up into the accounting department when a position became available. Toni is very good with numbers. And soon, she was added to the sales team. Toni says, “Starting about mid-February, it really gets unbelievably busy! Then, about the beginning of June, it is like someone put a window blind up and it all goes back to a nice flow of work. If we could only find a way to spread out the travel dates throughout the year and not have them all go in March, April, and May!”

Many things have changed since Toni began. “The computer upgrades were the biggest plus. When I think of the way we used to do things when I first started, I wonder how it all got done!” she comments.

Toni says the summer schedule of working two days a week after school is out is her favorite thing about working here. “That really helps you revive yourself for the next season!” she concludes. Well, get ready Toni. The busy season is soon upon us!

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