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Greater Latrobe NHS takes Chicago, Illinois

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Chicago Trip Photos

Stepping off the bus onto the road near the John Hancock Observatory, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d been to Chicago many times before, but never like this. Surrounded in the company of some of the most elite students from my school, posing for pictures with The Windy City off in the back drop, across a small stretch of Lake Michigan – that was when I knew this would be a trip to remember.

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From the incredible Blue Man Group show that followed later that night, to the tour of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange the next day, or even witnessing the breathtaking views from atop the Hancock Tower on in Millennium Park, there was so much to explore. The Museum of Science and Industry alone had a weekend’s worth of exhibits to delve into. Yet, not even a little breeze on the Chicago River could cause a hindrance of our high spirits. Every minute of every day we spent roaming the Jewel of the Midwest made the small vacation the unchangeable adventure that it was.

Chicago Bulls

While we never got our faces on the jumbotron at the Bulls game or had much time to shop, there’s still a lot I take away from this incredible trip. I returned home with a greater understanding of life in other places, how somehow we, the people of this planet, are all linked, and that in the presence of like-minded people, lasting connections can in fact be made. Most importantly, however, I learned that Chicago, Illinois is indeed My Kind of Town.

Chicago Trip Photos

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KevinDavoliKevin Davoli is a senior at Greater Latrobe High School and a member of the National Honors Society.