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6 Steps for a Smooth Hotel Check-Out on a School Trip

hotel check-out

It’s the start of your final day of touring and you can’t wait to get started. But first, all of your students need to be checked-out of the hotel and their luggage loaded onto the motor coach.

How do you do this as efficiently as possible?

Follow these steps for a super smooth hotel check-out.

1. Communicate the Game Plan the Night Before

  • Clearly explain when students will receive a wake up call, the location and time of breakfast, and what time students need to┬ábe packed.
  • Communicate that they are not to bring their luggage to breakfast and that chaperones will be checking each room.


2. Pack Before Breakfast

  • Encourage students to pack the night before check-out and/or before going to breakfast the final morning of the trip.


3. Leave Luggage in Rooms

  • Instruct students NOT to bring their luggage to breakfast. This will block walkways and create congestion in the breakfast area.
  • Students should finish packing before going to breakfast.


4. Return to Rooms after Breakfast.

  • As students finish their breakfast, instruct them to return to their rooms and wait for a chaperone to dismiss them.
  • This is a great opportunity for students to finish last minute packing. Check under beds, in the bathroom, and in drawers for forgotten items.


5. Check Rooms

  • Before dismissal, a chaperone should walk through each room to check for damage and/or forgotten items.
  • This can be expedited if each chaperone checks the rooms of students in their chaperone group.


6. Dismiss by Room

  • Collect room keys from students.
  • Remind students to keep voices down as they leave the hotel.
  • Dismiss students by room to load luggage and board the motor coach.


Then, it’s time to begin your final exciting day! Enjoy!

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