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Bucket List Destinations: Interview with Janet Pezze

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Janet Pezze

photo: newzealand.com

If you could choose one place in the world to visit (budget and time aside) where would you go? What would top your travel “bucket list”? We asked our Scholastica team this very question (and a few more). Read team answers here and here and here, along with our words of encouragement and additional advice for making it happen in 2014.

This is your year! Take that trip in 2014 or make proactive steps to see is happen.

Today Janet Pezze shares the location that tops her list! Janet is the financial controller at Scholastica and also an incredible tour leader. She is requested by groups again and again because of her enthusiasm, flexibility, and extensive knowledge. She even leads our tour leader training workshop (Join us! 2/28-3/1). Janet travels often and recently visited Costa Rica, Italy, and Glacier National Park

Bucket   List   Destinations: Interview   with   Janet   Pezze

Q: Where have you always dreamed of traveling?
A: New Zealand and Australia

Janet Pezze

photo: smh.com.au

Q: What would you like to do when you go there?
A: I want to visit Sydney and see the Opera House, snorkel along the Great Barrier Reef, visit the Outback and see a kangaroo and a koala bear in their natural habitat, etc. I want to visit the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand.

National Geographic New Zealand Guide

Q: Do you prefer to travel for adventure or relaxation?
A: I enjoy both. There are times when I’m seeking fun and adventure and other times I just want to kick back and relax.

New Zealand Places
Q: What are some of your favorite travel memories or experiences?
A: My favorite experience was walking across a glacier at Glacier National Park. I am happy to have done this before the glaciers all melt away.
Q: What advice can you offer to travelers who want to make their travel dreams a reality?
A: Just do it! The memories you have from a wonderful trip will last a lifetime.


This video showcases provides a great overview of New Zealand: