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Bucket List Destinations: Interview with Tour Planner J’nice Wiltrout

By February 5, 2014 No Comments
J'nice Wiltrout

Milford Sound, New Zealand Photo: traveldeztination.com

It’s the series finale! Today we wrap up our Bucket List Destinations blog series. We have interviewed our travel professional staff about their travel dreams and provided our advice on how to make them happen. We hope that it has provided ongoing inspiration for you at the start of 2014.

Our final featured interview is with J’nice Wiltrout, our chief tour planner. Have you noticed how smoothly timed your group trip has been? You can thank J’nice for that! Have you been surprised at how much you were able to see during your tour? J’nice again. She takes all of tour puzzle pieces (timed entries, meal reservations, attraction requests, bus departures, etc.) and puts them together into amazing trips, time and time again. She makes the job look easy, but it certainly is not. We are so happy to have her on our team!

Bucket   List   Destinations:   Interview   with   J’nice   Wiltrout

Q: Where have you always dreamed of traveling?

A: I dream of visiting Hawaii, New Zealand, and Australia.

Aside: From our interviews, it sounds like our team needs to take a group trip to Hawaii, New Zealand, or Australia!

Q: What would you like to do when you go there?

A:   I want to enjoy the sites, take lots of pictures, and do a little relaxing.

Q: Do you prefer to travel for adventure or relaxation?

A:  I don’t want to go somewhere and spend all my time in a hotel room. I like to get out and walk the area. The evenings are for relaxing!

J'nice Wiltrout


Q: What are some of your favorite travel memories or experiences?

A:  One fun trip I won’t forget was to New Orleans. We went on a swamp cruise, but unfortunately, it was a cloudy day and we didn’t see any gators. We also went to the Zoo and enjoyed the boat ride from the Zoo to the Aquarium. My favorite memory of this trip happened while we were traveling across the Lake Pontchartrain bridge. When we crested the hill and saw the city skyline all lit up, my very young son exclaimed, “ooh, I like this!” in the most excited voice ever! To this day, he remembers the excitement he felt seeing all the twinkling lights. My Dad does too. It’s a fun memory to revisit!

Q: What advice can you offer to travelers who want to make their travel dreams a reality?

A:  My advice is start small. Travel does not always have to be to exotic and extravagant locales. Visit places near your home and within your state while planning for the exotic trip.

Check out this awesome time lapse video of Milford sound:


Where are you going to travel this year?