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Bucket List Destinations: Interview with Mary Keto

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Mary Keto

photo: hungarywanderer.com

Our Bucket List Destination series continues! We are sharing our dreams to inspire you to pursue yours!

Our feature today is an interview with Mary Keto, travel consultant and tour leader. Mary has been with Scholastica since our early days! She is an expert in all aspects of customized group travel, from start to finish. Mary loves planning and leading trips. She works with teachers to design tours that perfectly align with their class interests and also jumps on the bus to lead engaging, educational tours of Washington DC, New York, and more!

Bucket   List   Destinations:   Interview   with   Mary   Keto

Q: Where have you always dreamed of traveling?
A: Budapest – My family is of Hungarian descent. I would love to vvisit the home of my ancestry!

Budapest Travel & Tourism Site
Q: What would you like to do when you go there?
A: I want to go on a river cruise, such as this one,  to visit Budapest and other European cities like Prague, Linz, Vienna, Bratislava, Dresden, and Berlin.

Mary Keto

photo: budapest.com

Introducing Budapest

Q: Do you prefer to travel for adventure or relaxation?
A: Both!

Q: What are some of your favorite travel memories or experiences?
A: Every summer my family goes to the Outer Banks. It is such a wonderful time together! My sisters and I also have the tradition of visiting New York City at Christmas. We have many memories from over the years!

Q: What advice can you offer to travelers who want to make their travel dreams a reality?
A: Just do it!! Travel when and while you can. It is worth it!

Check out the beautiful city of Budapest:

Budapest from Luciano Bosticco on Vimeo.