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Bucket List Destinations: Interview with Travel Agent Nancy Peksa

By January 13, 2014 3 Comments

 Nancy Peksa

Last week we published this to give you tips and inspiration for crossing off your travel bucket list in 2014. Over the next few weeks we will be bringing you interviews with our own travel professionals so you can get the inside scoop on our daydreams and our personal tips for making your travel dreams reality.

This week we are featuring  Nancy Peksa, our top travel agent! For over 30 years, Nancy has helped groups, families, and individuals plan the trips of their dreams. She rides the waves of travel industry evolution with ease and continues to be an indispensable wealth of knowledge. Nancy celebrated her 25th anniversary with the Scholastica family last year and we had quite the celebration!

 Bucket   List   Destinations:   Interview   with   Travel   Agent   Nancy   Peksa
Nancy Peksa

photo: lonelyplanet.com

Q: Where have you always dreamed of traveling?
A: Australia!

Google Street View: Great Barrier Reef

Q:What would you like to do when you go there?
A: Travel around the country – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Great Barrier Reef, and Outback

Q: Do you prefer to travel for adventure or relaxation?
A: I like to explore new areas and do things but also take a little time to relax at pool or beach… so both!

Frommer’s Australia in Two Weeks

Nancy Peksa

Nancy Peksa at the Grand Canyon with her grandsons

Q: What are some of your favorite travel memories or experiences?
A: Driving Hwy 101 from San Francisco to Los Angeles…the scenery was spectacular! Also, I love traveling with my grandsons. We visited the Grand Canyon in 2012 and in 2013 we went to Miami Beach. They loved the beach with its beautiful blue-green water. Seeing each of those places again through their eyes was an awesome thing!

Frommer’s Australia for Families

Q: What advice can you offer to travelers who want to make their travel dreams a reality?
A: If you have the opportunity to go somewhere, just do it because you may not get another chance. Vacations give you memories that you can hold onto for a lifetime. I look back on all my vacations with fondness and no regrets that I took the time and money to travel. Traveling has been a tremendous learning experience!



Warning: You will want to book a ticket to Australia after watching this video (maybe while watching!):

Australia from Adam Burns on Vimeo.

Where are you dreaming of traveling? Comment below!