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Bucket List Destinations: Interview with Tammy Baker

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Tammy Baker

photo: tripadvisor.com

This month is all about psyching up our community to cross off their travel bucket list in 2014! Be proactive, follow these tips, and make this year the year your travel dreams become reality. “Someday” is today! We have our travel dreams, too. We hope that in sharing them with you, we inspire both you and ourselves! Our travel agent, Nancy Peksa, shared the place at the top of her list and so did MaryLynn Glamp.

Tammy Baker

photo: tahiti-tourisme.com

Today, group travel consultant Tammy Baker shares where she dreams of visiting. Tammy works with marching band directors to organize all logistics for festival performances and other special events. Coordinating travel for hundreds of students and instruments is no small task, but Tammy is as organized and as professional as they come. She takes care of all details so that the directors can focus on the music! Tammy has traveled with bands to Hawaii, the Rose Bowl, Orlando, you name it.  She also works closely with many teachers to plan amazing educational travel experiences for their students.

Bucket   List   Destinations:   Interview   with   Tammy   Baker

Q: Where have you always dreamed of traveling?
A: After really thinking about this, at the top of my list would have to be Bora Bora in the South Pacific.

Tammy Baker

photo: boraboraislandguide.com

Q: What would you like to do when you go there? 
A: Relax , Relax, Relax in this tropical paradise! I must stay in a bungalow over the water!!!  I would even venture to snorkel…

Official Tahiti Tourism Site

Q: What are some of your favorite travel memories or experiences?
A: My favorite travel experience was during my honeymoon in Longboat Key, Florida. It was in September. There were no crowds at all and we had the beach to ourselves.  The water temperature was a perfect 86 degrees. We ate tons of grouper that trip! We also visited Siesta Key which is rated one of the top beaches in the USA. We loved the beautiful white flour sand!

Q: What advice can you offer to travelers who want to make their travel dreams a reality?
A: Save a certain amount each paycheck.  Even if it takes a couple years to save, it would be worth it. Go now if you can! You don’t know about tomorrow.

Beautiful Bora Bora – HD from Jon Rawlinson on Vimeo.


Where do you dream of traveling? Please share!