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iPhone Camera Apps for Travel Photography, Tested in Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

By April 12, 2012 November 1st, 2012 6 Comments
Municipal Plaza

Municipal Plaza in Philadelphia

Photography is critical to traveling. Long after the bags have been unpacked, a single photo can invoke a vibrant sensory experience.  Suddenly, you are fifteen and back in Times Square, taking in the lights and fast-pace of New York City for the first time. You hear the taxi horns, smell the corner hot dog stand, and feel the rush of wind passing through the skyscrapers.  Smartphones, in their convenience and continually improving camera quality, have made it easier than ever to capture these experiences. Many smartphone photography apps are available to enable post-processing, add additional creativity, and invoke self-expression. Here are our favorites:

Dramatic Black and White$0.99

Dramatic Black and White provides many options for black and white rendering. Manually adjust the black and white focus of the picture or choose from 12 black and white settings, 10 dramatic black and white settings, or 14 infrared settings.

Dramatic Black and White

Fairmount Park Philadelphia,  Dramatic Black and White

Dramatic Black and White

Fairmount Park Philadelphia,  Dramatic Black and White

Dramatic Black and White

Fairmount Park Philadelphia,  Dramatic Black and White

Scratch Cam FX – $1.99

Character, grunge, antique, drama; Scratch Cam FX can add them all.  Presets can render the effects in one-step or can be manually added to create the desired style.


Philadelphia LOVE, rendered by ScratchCam FX App


Library of Congress, rendered by ScratchCam FX App


Mural in Philadelphia, ScratchCam FX App

Photo Artista Oil $2.99

Render photos as oil paintings. Change the brush size, bristle depth, canvas, stroke variation, and more.

Cherry Blossoms in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Photo Artista Oil

The Capitol,  Photo Artista Oil App

Artista Oil

Mural in Philadelphia, Photo Artista Oil App

NightCap – $0.99

NightCap lengthens the shutter speed to capture up to 15x more light in low-light environments. Continue to capture favorite travel memories in darker surroundings.


Restaurant Lights in Philadelphia,  NightCap App

CameraBag – $ 1.99

Camera bag offers 16 different filters, including fisheye, cinema, and plastic, to quickly add interesting effects to photos.


Reading Terminal Market, rendered with CameraBag


Arlington Cemetery, rendered with CameraBag


PicsStitch lets you combine up to four photos into a well-formatted collage. With over thirty different layouts, it is easy to find a format that you like for your favorite photos. Save the final layout as a single picture.


Washington D.C. Photos, PicStitch


Use Phoster to create posters from your travel photos. Add quotes, advertise an event, express yourself. Choose the template, change the font, and adjust the saturation. Use filters to create a folded paper look, coffee stain, or freshly printed.



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