Scholastica Travel Team Feature: MaryLynn Glamp

By December 15, 2010 No Comments

So today’s employee profile focuses on MaryLynn Glamp. MaryLynn began working for Scholastica back in 1987. She’s one of the few remaining that remembers what it was like to work in Mutual – back when working in the “big city” seemed like a dream. Being that her son had started school, she was looking for a part-time job and saw the ad in the newspaper.

When MaryLynn began, she answered phones and typed itineraries. Seems like that’s where all new hires started, doesn’t it? Nowadays, she’s a travel consultant. I asked her to name the biggest change over the years. Her answer was, of course, the addition of computers. Makes all us old-timers scratch our heads to think about how we used to do things.

I asked MaryLynn to name her favorite thing about working here. She answered, “the customers, each being unique!” I can attest that MaryLynn works quite well with each of her customers. She’s a true travel consultant!