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The 5 Types of Marching Band Trip Performances

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Marching Band Trip Performances

What type of marching band trip do you want for your students?

What kind of performance is required for school board trip approval?

It is important that these questions be answered before undertaking any significant trip planning. Marching band trip performances vary in their degree of expectations and whether or not an application is needed in advance. Determining which type of performance you want will affect the tone of the trip and the seriousness of your pre-trip preparations.


Types   of   Marching   Band    Trip   Performances

1. Adjudicated Performance

Adjudicated performances are group competitions with scheduled practice, competition, and judging times during your trip. Many adjudicated competitions provide groups with written taped comments from the judges and often a CD of their performance. There is typically an awards ceremony where trophies are presented to the top performers. Depending on the event, clinics may be available after your performance.

Many of the bigger group competitions require applications before being invited. Take the application time into account when planning your trip and get an early start! We recommend starting the planning process with our team 18 months in advance of your travel.

Adjucated performance opportunities include:


2. Parade

March in an unforgettable parade. These performances are often the crowning achievement for school bands. March in some of the most famous performances in the country!

Parade performance opportunities include:


3. Festivals

Music festivals are fun-filled events that incorporate several difference performance styles. In addition to marching band performances, festivals may include performance categories for choruses, concert bands, jazz ensembles, and orchestras. Festivals may or may not be adjudicated. Great festivals are held around the country

Festival performance opportunities include:


4. Non-Marching Performance

Perform with your band at world-famous destinations and historic landmarks! Non-marching opportunities exist to perform at the Lincoln Memorial, Statue of Liberty, Pearl Harbor and more! Application requirements vary. These performances are not adjudicated and not part of a formal competition. However, they’ll create positive memories your students will never forget.

Non-marching performance opportunities are available in many cities, including:

  • Orlando
  • Washington DC
  • New York City
  • Chicago
  • Hawaii
  • Atlanta
  • Williamsburg and more!


5. Pure Fun

You’ve worked hard all year! Let this trip be an outlet for fun and camaraderie. Forego a performance and enjoy the sights and your team. See our list of popular destinations to begin your trip planning process.


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