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Motorcoach Safety Guidelines for School Trips

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Motorcoach Safety Guidelines

Are you traveling by motor coach bus with your students this year?

Keep these motorcoach safety points in mind and share them with all travel participants:

  1. The primary exit from the motorcoach is the same door at the front through which you entered.
  2. There are numerous emergency exits that should be used if the door cannot be opened. At least one roof hatch, located above the aisle, is available as an emergency exit. Follow the marked instructions to open the roof hatch. Designated windows are marked as emergency exits and push out to open. Follow the marked instructions to release the lock and open the window.
  3. For your safety, please stay seated while the vehicle is in motion. Keep all items including your hands and feet out of the aisle.
  4. If you must stand, or move along the aisle, support yourself using the seat backs or overhead supports.
  5. Please make note of the fire extinguisher location on-board. It is usually located toward the front of the vehicle behind the driver’s seat, underneath a passenger seat on the right hand side, or in an overhead compartment.
  6. In the event of an emergency, remain calm and follow the driver’s instructions.
  7. If you are in the restroom and need assistance, use the emergency button or switch to alert the driver.
  8. Do not move forward beyond the clearly marked line at the front of the vehicle while it is in motion.
  9. Store your carry-on items in the overhead bins or under your seat. Do not place any items in the aisle.
  10. Use hand supports in the restroom when the vehicle is in motion.
  11. When entering and exiting the vehicle, use the hand rails and watch your step. Ask the driver to assist you if needed.
  12. If a step stool or platform has been placed outside of the vehicle for your convenience, please step on the center of the stool or platform to maintain your balance.
  13. Music players must be of small size and accompanied by earphones.
  14. Snacks are permitted, but be careful not to become ill.
  15. Rest stops will be provided often. The rest room on the motorcoach bus is for emergency use only. If abused, it will develop an odor.
  16. Please, no flash pictures on the motorcoach bus, especially at night.
  17. Do not put your feet on the seats or sit on the arms of chairs as this can damage the vehicle.
  18. Travel participants should ride on the same motorcoach from the beginning to the end of the trip. This is very important for accurately counting passengers and ensuring that no one is lost.
  19. Glass bottles and containers are prohibited on motorcoach buses.
  20. Be seated anytime you enter the motorcoach bus, so that tour participants can be counted.
  21. Do not scream or yell. This can distract the motorcoach operator.
  22. When the tour leader is talking on the microphone, look forward and listen carefully for commentary and instruction.

Download a motorcoach safety brochure

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