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20 Must Pack Items When Traveling by Motorcoach Bus

By May 21, 2014 February 3rd, 2016 5 Comments
Must Pack Items

Will you be traveling soon with a student group by motorcoach? These must pack items should be included in a kit and placed on each bus. Must pack items cover student care, organization, and fun! Taking these advanced preparations will make the journey to and from your destination comfortable and smooth.

Must   Pack  Items:   Student Care

1. Medical Treatment Consent Forms 
2. Bottled water (1 bottle per student per day is recommended)
3. First aid kit
4. Paper towels
5. Tissues / Kleenex
6. Trash bags
7. Disposable gloves (in case of unforeseen spills or sickness)
8. Hand sanitizer
9. Wet wipes
10. Medicines (Dramamine, Tylenol, Advil)
11. Peppermints (for motion sickness)
12. Toilet paper
13. Febreeze or alternative air freshener
14. Feminine products (Sanitary napkins and tampons)

Must   Pack  Items:   Organization

15. Bus roster with assigned chaperone groups
16. Bus sign 
17. Parent contact information for each student
18. Additional copies of the itinerary

Must   Pack   Items:   Fun   on   the   Bus

19. Destination specific movies

    • See our Washington DC movie recommendations here.
    • See our New York City movie recommendations here.

20. Time-passing activities

      • See our free to download scavenger hunts, crossword puzzles, and word searches here.

Preparing for all circumstances, whether it be motion sickness or slow traffic, will keep your travels smooth and enjoyable.  Create a kit of these must pack items for the lead teachers on each bus.

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