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Packing List for School Group Tour

By April 23, 2012 February 8th, 2017 5 Comments

packing list

If you are packing for a school group tour, then make sure these items make it into your suitcase! 

Packing List: Clothing Items

  • Tennis Shoes – Walking is the best way to see a city! We travel by foot for a considerable portion of any trip. Please wear shoes that you know will be comfortable at the end of a busy day.
  • Light Jacket (or Heavy, as needed) – We will be both inside and outside on our tours. For your comfort, please wear layers and bring a light/heavy jacket as needed for either air conditioning or cold weather.
  • Casual/Respectable Clothing – Casual, but respectable clothing is appropriate for our student trips. Short shorts or low-cut shirts are not acceptable. Certain circumstances, such as a wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, require more formal attire. Check your itinerary.
  • Extra Outfit – Pack one extra set of clothes, just in case.
  • Layers –  It is recommended that students wear layers of clothing.  Early mornings can be cool with it warming up by afternoon.
  • Sleeping Clothes/Pajamas
  • Undergarments
  • Socks

Packing List: Non-Clothing Items

  • Luggage Tags – Please mark your name on all luggage and other belongings.
  • Poncho/Umbrella –  Bring a small umbrella or poncho in case of inclement weather. As in show business, the tour must go on!
  • Extra Contacts/Glasses – Don’t be the person who has to say, “I didn’t think I would lose one.” You will have come a long way to see nothing but a blur. Bring extra contacts/glasses, just in case.
  • Camera – This is a once in a lifetime trip! Be sure to capture all the moments.
  • Camera and Phone Chargers – You don’t want to miss taking great photos of your memorable trip or being able to contact parents or the tour leader. Pack your charger!
  • Watch-  We see so much on our tours! Being on time is very important in order to see everything on your itinerary. All tour participants should have a watch to maintain punctuality.
  • Sunscreen – Protect your skin! Sunburn makes for an uncomfortable bus trip home!
  • Personal Toiletries – Bring compact size toiletries, sealed in ziplock bags.
  • Headphones – For the courtesy of the other bus passengers, bring headphones.


Packing List: The Intangibles

  • Take It All In Stamina –  Traveling is a constant learning experience. In addition, we take in a ton of history and culture on each of our trips because we want you to see as much as possible. Although it can be tempting to take a break or opt out of an activity, we encourage you to find another layer of stamina. You may not have the chance to see or experience what is before you again. Take advantage and make the most of it!
  • Positive Attitude –  Traveling often requires flexibility. A road suddenly closed or the weather is hotter than anticipated, for example. Come prepared with a positive attitude and ready to adapt as needed.
  • Respect – After ensuring your personal safety, demonstrating respect is of the utmost importance. Remember that you are a guest at your destination. Please demonstrate respect for yourself, you fellow travelers, your tour leader, and the local culture.

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  • Miss Sydney L Avery says:

    Make sure students and teachers exchange cell phone numbers before the start of the trip. It’s a good idea for teachers and chaperones to form a buddy system for students in the event someone is lost.

    If the bus driver doesn’t mind, it might be a good idea for teachers and tour managers to exchange cell numbers at the beginning of the trip.

    Sydney Avery

  • Great tips Sydney! It is essential for the group to have a means of contacting one another. If teachers or group leaders are uncomfortable with distributing their personal cell phone number, it is recommended that they have a list of their students cell phone numbers so that they may contact them. Thank you for reading!

  • Miss Sydney L Avery says:

    Teachers having students cell phone numbers is good. Also, if students have “memo pad” on their phones, they could type a simple reminder of where to meet and what time in the event someone is lost.

    For example: 4th Street-Prkng lot-3pm.

    In other words, additional information to ensure everyone’s presence. What would you do in case of a tornado or weather warning?

  • Good thinking with the memo pad! The weather warning would really depend where the group is at the time, building, bus, outside, etc. Regardless, there often is a window of time when the group can gather. I would immediately go to the meeting spot, call the chaperons, and begin calling students. Then seek shelter as soon as possible.

  • Miss Sydney L Avery says:

    The reason I posed the question is because of a PBS Nova program I watched recently. Weather forecasters say, “doppler can give data based on the atmosphere above.” They stated that “it’s unpredictable how a storm will form on the ground.” Anyway, FEMA has a free book for the public on instructions for tornadoes, hurricanes, storms etc.

    Storms are popping up and happening so fast now that I try to include the unexpected in my “what ifs?”

    Thank you for your prompt replies. I’ll visit again from time to time.


    Sydney Avery