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School Trip Classroom Activity: Student Tour Guide of Pittsburgh

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Pittsburgh student tour guideFlip the script and have your students be the tour guide! This engaging classroom project will deepen student engagement as they explore Pittsburgh on their school trip.

Pittsburgh Student Tour Guide: The Assignment

It’s your turn to be the tour guide! Prepare a 5-7 minute speech that showcases one of the sites that we will visit during our Pittsburgh trip. Your speech should include historical context of the site, architectural elements, a story, and relevant logistics. Your presentation must also incorporate visual aids. Get ready to shine the light on Pittsburgh!

Pittsburgh Student Tour Guide: Speech Elements


Provide brief context or background for events that inspired the construction of the memorial, building, city,
or sculpture. For example, for PNC Park, you could discuss the 115-year relationship Pittsburgh has had with the same ballclub, the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Architectural Elements

Discuss the symbolism, layout, or interesting facts about memorial/building design. For example, at PNC Park, you could discuss how the series of masonry archways and decorative terra cotta tiled pilasters pay tribute to Forbes Field, the Pittsburgh Pirates former home of 61 years.


Tell a fun or interesting story pertaining to the memorial/building and/or the event it commemorates. For
example, at PNC Park you could tell stories pertaining to famous players for the Pittsburgh Pirates, such as Roberto Clemente, Barry Bonds, or Andrew McCutcheon.


Address any relevant information pertaining to bathrooms, photography, security, meeting time, etc.

Pittsburgh Student Tour Guide: Visual Aids

Visual aids are essential context for your presentation. However, since tour guides do not implement Powerpoint, Prezi, etc. while on tour, this is not to be included. You may include one or more of the following:

  • Poster
  • Photographs
  • Relevant 3D objects

Student Tour Guide:  Places to Choose From