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Remember 9/11: New York, Pentagon, and Shanksville

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Remember 9/11

We will never forget the tragic events of September 11, 2001. During this anniversary week, the nation will come together to remember 9/11, the events, the heroes, and in particular the innocent whose lives were lost. Many of today’s middle school and high school students were too young to remember where they were or how they felt that day. It is the obligation of those who personally remember 9/11 to create opportunities for discussion, reflection, and education for this generation.  A great place to start is a visit to a memorial site in New York, Washington DC, or southwestern Pennsylvania. This experience will provide a concrete, personal memory and serve as point of further discussion and reflection. Here is a preview of each of memorial sites:

Washington DC: The National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial

Website: The National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial

Hours: 24 hours a day, Monday – Sunday, 365 days a year

Key Features:

  • The granite zero line marks the entrance to the Memorial. The date and time of the attack,  “SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 9:37 A.M.” is etched in this line.
  • 184 Memorial Units serve as a permanent tribute to each victim.  Memorial Units are composed of a cantilevered bench, a lighted pool of flowing water, and a name plate.  Each is intentionally positioned to differentiate the victims who were in the Pentagon from those on board American Airlines Flight 77.
  • 85 Crape Myrtle trees
  • The Age Wall borders the western side of the memorial. This wall is a visual representation of the passenger ages, growing from three inches (the age of Dana Falkenberg) to 71 inches (the age of John D. Yamnicky).

Preview the site with an audio tour:


New York City: The 9/11 Memorial

Website: 9/11 Memorial

Hours: March 18, 2013 – September 22, 2013
Daily, 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Last entry at 7:00 pm

September 23, 2013 – December 31, 2013
Daily, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Last entry at 5:00 pm

Key Features:

  • Two 1-acre waterfalls and reflecting pools set within the footprints of the original twin towers
  • Bronze panels with the names of every person who died in the 2001 and 1993 attacks, nearly 3,000 in total.
  • Swamp Oak trees in the memorial plaza
  • Memorial Museum (not yet opened)

60 Minutes update on 9/11 Memorial Museum:


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Shanksville, PA: The Flight 93 Memorial

Remember 9/11Website: Flight 93 Memorial

Hours: Open 7 days a week including holidays except Christmas Day and New Year’s Day

Summer Hours: Effective May 1 to October
Open: 9 am Last entry: 6:30 pm – Gates close for entry. Close: 7 pm
Winter Hours: Effective October to April 30
Open: 9 am Last entry: 4:30 pm – Gates close for entry. Close: 5 pm

Key Features:

  • Memorial Plaza Wall lies at the northern edge of the larger crash site. Benches are available near the wall for reflection. The field and woods beyond is the final resting place of the passengers and crew.
  • The Wall of Names honors the passengers and crew and is composed of forty inscribed white marble panels.
  • A large boulder marks the site of impact.

View the Virtual Tour  of the Flight 93 Memorial

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