Scholastica Field Studies

Scholastica Travel Introduces Scholastica Field Studies

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Scholastica Field Studies

Expanding   Our   Educational   Offerings

Scholastica Travel is pleased to introduce our newest division, Scholastica Field Studies.

Scholastica Field Studies are science research courses for high school students.  From tropical ecology to marine biology courses, Scholastica Field Studies give your students a powerful introduction to career possibilities while exploring the world’s most important natural resources.  Through workshops and team research projects, your students will get hands-on training, receive insightful feedback, and learn the latest perspectives and best practices from professional scientists and university professors.

These field studies give students access to top research stations and connect them with like-minded teens. Find the perfect match for your students’ talents, passions, and interests and go far beyond sightseeing with a dynamic learning experience in the most biodiverse locations on the planet.


Excited? So are we! Visit the Scholastica Field Studies site to learn more.