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Top 5 Best Months for a School Field Trip (#2 Will Surprise You!)

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No matter what the month of the year is, it is always a great time for a school field trip. Field trips can bring your curriculum to life and create long lasting positive memories for your students.

We will admit that we do have some bias when it comes to the very best months of the year for a school field trip. Here are our top 5 picks:


 1.  October

October takes the cake for the best month to go on a school field trip.  Why does this month receive the top vote?

  • Low crowds – With less traffic to fight both on the roads and at attractions, students will have more time to experience their destination’s highlights.
  • Great weather – The crisp air of this month will keep your group refreshed! Winter storms are also likely to stay at bay. Fall foliage can be enjoyed driving to and from your destination.
  • More availability – Fewer crowds means more availability at your first choice attractions and hotels. Snag those hard-to-get tickets by traveling in October.
  • School bonding – Traveling early in the school year creates strong bonds and memories for your students and sets the stage for a great year of learning.

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2.  March

March means that spring is just around the corner. Why does this month rank so high?

  • Low crowds – The throngs of spring student groups have not yet arrived at our top destinations. This lends to greater availability for attractions and hotels.
  • Ample fundraising time –  A March trip provides 4-5 months of the school year to fundraise and offset the school field trip cost.
  • Testing convenience – March falls out of the range for most state tests and AP exams.
  • Sport seasons – March falls after most winter sports have concluded and before most spring sports have gained high momentum. This minimizes the number of last minute student cancellations.


3.  November

Believe it or not, November is an excellent time to take a school field trip. Here’s why:

  • Low crowds – You’ll almost have your destination to yourself traveling in November. With the holidays fast approaching, few school groups travel this month. This leaves reservations wide open for your school field trip!
  • Convenient school year timing – You’re well beyond the “getting to know your students” phase of the school year and are in the heart of your curriculum. Your school field trip will provide memorable learning experiences that you can refer to in your teaching for the remainder of the year. It is also still early enough in the school year to really bring your class together.
  • Special events – Thanksgiving and Veterans Day put many special events on the calendar and decorations throughout the cities. Seize the opportunity to enjoy many free festivities.


4.  April

April is a fantastic month for a school field trip. Why?

  • Low crowds – Far fewer groups travel in early April compared to March and May. If you can take advantage of this window, seize it!
  • Beautiful weather – Flowers are beginning to bloom and students are refreshed by the increasingly warming weather.


5.  May

May is the peak of student travel season, but it does have its benefits. These include:

  • Ample fundraising time – Fundraising efforts can begin at the start of the school year, giving students plenty of time to offset their school field trip cost.
  • End on a high note – May trips end the school year on a high note. They celebrate the year of student learning and can capture many topics of the curriculum.
  • Great weather – May is a safe bet for warm, spring weather. Flowers and trees are in full bloom! There are few better times to be outside and exploring.


What month do you plan your school field trip and why? Comment below!

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