Washington D.C.

School Tours to Washington D.C. During a Government Shutdown

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As you know, our nation’s government is in a state of shutdown. This shutdown has affected some of the places on planned group trips, particularly in Washington D.C. However, our dynamic team at Scholastica Travel is taking every step to ensure that groups traveling during the shutdown have a very enjoyable, educational, and exciting trip! We are monitoring changes closely, making necessary adjustments, and are keeping our group leaders and tour leaders consistently updated. As a team of travel professionals, we remain steadfast in our commitment to creating memorable educational adventures and engaging students in their world and history.

The great news is that Washington D.C. remains the best place to learn about our nation’s history and experience history in the making! Destination D.C. has compiled the list below of attractions that remain open during the shutdown.

What’s Affected During a Shutdown
Open-air national parks, such as the National Mall and its monuments and memorials, remain open and accessible but with limited access. Most staffed services will be unavailable, including park ranger-led tours and memorial shops.

Smithsonian Institution sites and the National Gallery of Art are currently closed to the public due to the shutdown.

What’s Not Affected During a Shutdown




Several of the above opened sites are offering discounted admission during the shutdown. Talk to your travel consultant for more details.

We are hoping for a swift resolution in Congress.  In the meantime, our amazing travel experiences for all of our travelers will not stop! We look forward to sharing the DC experience with your group today and in the future. We’ll keep you posted!