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What is So Important about a School Trip Rooming List?

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Trip Rooming List

The school trip rooming list is extremely important for successful trip operations. It’s so critical that Scholastica Travel requires it to be submitted 45 days before trip departure. So what’s the big deal? Why all of the fuss?


The Trip Rooming List Determines Your Final Invoice

Your final invoice is calculated based on your submitted rooming list. We take into account the number of students and chaperones on this list as well as their corresponding room occupancies. Our packages are typically based on quad occupancy for students and double occupancy for chaperones. If there are deviations outside of this, it may be a factor on your final invoice. Since final payment is due 30 days prior to trip departure, it is critical that the trip rooming list be accurate and submitted 45 days before the trip.


The Trip Rooming List Finalizes Your Reservation Numbers

Once the rooming list is received, our reservations department updates each vendor with the final participant numbers. They also prepare the a final information packet for the group leader as well as a tour packet of critical information for the tour leader(s). Receiving the rooming list 45 days before departure ensures that vendors, tour leaders, and the group leader all receive the information they need in a timely manner. This facilitates necessary preparations and increases the likelihood of a smooth trip.


The Trip Rooming List Assists in the Hotel Room Layout

Upon receipt, Scholastica Travel sends your rooming list to the hotel that is booked for your group. The hotel can then block the rooms for your group and assign room numbers. This means that the earlier the hotel receives your rooming list, the more likely that your room configuration and floor layout will be to your preference.


In short, the importance of the rooming list cannot be understated. Its accuracy and timeliness of receipt is critical to final trip preparations and the efficient operation of your trip.


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