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School Trip T-Shirts: Why to Have Them and How to Get Them

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School Trip shirts

You have undoubtedly seen them. The seas of happy students seemingly unaware that they are matching nearly from head to toe. They are just excited to be out of the classroom and exploring a new place. More often than not, they are also unaware how much they are learning simply by changing their environment.

The matching ensemble has a purpose. School trip t-shirts are often pervasive in popular travel destinations, and for good reason.

Why to Have School Trip T-Shirts

  • Group Recognition – Student groups often wear matching t-shirts as an extra safety precaution. Students belonging to your group can easily be spotted from a distance, especially if a bright-colored design is chosen. Additionally, students can likewise find the group with ease should they fall behind walking between sites. You can find them, they can find you. This facilitates a quick group headcount, thus saving precious tour time.
  • Group Photos – Planning a special group photo at your destination? Look sharp for your photos with a consistent school trip t-shirt.
  • Built-In Souvenir – In addition to wonderful memories and photographs, trip t-shirts will give each student a tangible reminder of the trip.
  • Great Fundraiser – This can double as a fundraising opportunity! Solicit sponsorships from local businesses for school trip. In return for their generosity, print the business name or logo on the back of the t-shirts.

How to Get School Trip T-Shirts

  1. Decide on a Design – First, decide on the color and design of your shirt. Hold a design contest among the trip participants. Trip participants can vote on their favorite design. As an extra incentive, offer a monetary trip credit to the winner of the contest.  Struggling with a design? Many templates can be found online.
  2. Order T-shirts from Local Company – First check to see if printing company would sponsor the trip! If not, perhaps they would offer a discount to your school for printing with their business. If a local company is not available, these vendors offer custom t-shirts with an easy design interface:

Final T-Shirt Steps

  1. Decide Date to Wear – Decide which date the students should wear the shirts on the trip. Announce this before and during the trip. If your school has a policy on leg wear (no jeans, shorts, etc.), be sure to announce this before trip departure.
  2. Distribute the Shirts When Boarding Bus or at Hotel Check-In – Ensure that no one will forget their t-shirt by distributing the items during the trip.


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