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What to Do If a Winter Storm Threatens Your School Trip

By December 10, 2014 No Comments

winter storm

The 10-day forecast calls for ice, strong winds, and a high accumulation of snow. What are you to do when a winter storm hits? Your school trip is only a few days away!

With traveler safety as our top priority, each school trip is managed individually on a case-by-case basis. We work with group leaders to ensure that their students are both safe and happy.

Here are several options that can be pursued:

Be   Proactive   and   Sign   Up   for   Winter   Storm  Weather   Alerts

Stay up to date on the latest weather and safety information by signing up for weather alerts. Free alerts are sent by the following:

  • AlertDC – AlertDC is the official District of Columbia communications system that sends emergency alerts, notifications, and updates to your devices. Get the alerts you want — directly from the District of Columbia’s public safety officials and emergency manager.
  • Pennsylvania Turnpike Alerts – The Pennsylvania Turkpike delivers up-to-the-minute, customized alerts and information where and when you need it- online, on the road, and on your phone or mobile device.
  • National Weather Service Alerts 


Adjust   the   Current   School   Trip   Itinerary

Consider when the impending storm will hit and your current school trip itinerary. What adjustments can be made so that you can still travel?

  • Can you leave later on the first day?
  • Can you depart for home a day earlier?
  • What are your top priorities? Can your itinerary be adjusted so that there is still time for these activities?  What activities can you go without?


Consider   Alternate   Dates   and   Reschedule

Look ahead at the school calendar. Are there other dates of the year that would work for this trip? Contact your Scholastica travel consultant and discuss rescheduling. Many of our trip suppliers are very accommodating and will work with your school to rebook, pending their availability on your chosen dates.


Cancel   the   School   Trip

If your group is left with no other option than to cancel due to weather, our team will do everything possible to receive full or partial refunds from our suppliers. Your safety comes first!

Has your school trip been affected by weather in the past? What did you do?

Comment below! 

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