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In Praise of Sit-Down Restaurants for Educational School Trips

By June 7, 2017 February 26th, 2018 No Comments

sit-down restaurants

Sit-down restaurants are common dining options for student groups on their school trips. They offer a welcomed rest, high-quality food, and an opportunity for great conversation! Here are a few reasons why we recommend including a sit-down dining option on your school trip:

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Sit-Down Restaurants Offer Reprieve

As fun as touring a new place can be, the excitement and fast pace can wear anyone out! Take a rest from the hustle of a busy city and dine with your group in a private room of a restaurant.  Teachers and students alike will be rejuvenated after they sit down to a warm meal and a great conversation. Then, they’ll be ready for more exploring!


Sit-Down Restaurants Build Community

This meal option is an excellent opportunity to build community among your group. Share stories, laugh together, and talk about the trip. Great things can happen around the dinner table. Friendships can form and relationships can grow.


Sit-Down Restaurants Serve Meals in Courses

Enjoy a salad, and then your entrée, and then your dessert. The pacing of meals at sit-down restaurants is one of their great benefits and one of the reasons a meal can be so restful. Courses offset the impressive speed of teenager eating and allow more room for conversation.


Sit-Down Restaurants Serve Food of Higher Quality

On average, the food served at a sit-down restaurant is of higher quality than a fast food restaurant. Including a sit-down meal in your itinerary may be a welcome change from the fast food dining you may encounter during travel to and from your destination.


Sit-Down Restaurants Can Adjust for Food Sensitivities

Gluten-free? Nut allergy? Food sensitivity? Sit-down restaurants offer alternative food choices and are happy to accommodate  any allergy you may have. Please let your travel consultant know in advance of the trip so that proper arrangements can be requested.


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