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Spring 2012 Photo Contest Results

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Scholastica Travel would like to extend our warmest congratulations to Nicole Dreyovich-Shada and Cathy Hoyd for being the first and second place winners of the Scholastica Travel Spring 2012 Photo Contest!

“View from My Hotel” Nicole Dreyovich-Shada

Nicole’s photo was taken from her hotel window during  her May trip to New York City with Crest Memorial School. The photo offered a great view of the city. Nicole’s supportive base of friends and family earned the photo 466 votes and ultimately, a Kindle Fire. Nicole’s photo was featured as the cover image on the Scholastica Travel Facebook page from July 9 – July 30, 2012.

Cathy Hoyd, a  teacher from Licking Valley School, won second place and a Kindle Touch! Cathy received 240 votes for the beautiful photos she took at Arlington Cemetery.Cathy’s photo is currently featured  as the cover image on the Scholastica Travel Facebook page.

We Salute You Soldier (photo Cathy Hoyd)

Fallen but not Forgotten (photo Cathy Hoyd)

Scholastica Travel would like to thank all who entered the Spring Photo Contest! Thank you for sharing memories of your trip with the Scholastica community and for traveling with us this spring. We can’t wait to travel with you again.

To see all photo contest entries, please visit:

More Entries:

Family Affair: Sharing memories of the grandfather his younger brother never met (photo by Derrick Nealy)

Our trip theme in busy NYC: Times Square cabs, shops, students, and chaperones make a colorful party (photo by Kenneth Senter)

Standing in Awe of Greatness: This was a joyous day. My students had the rare opportunity to meet The Honorable Congressman John Lewis, Civil Rights Leader; who marched with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for equal rights and justice for everyone. The expressions on their faces tell a story of joy, pride and astonishment (photo Reuben Pitts)