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How to Plan a Successful Girl Scout Trip

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Successful Girl Scout Trip

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Are you ready to take your girl scout troop to Savannah, New York City, or another exciting destination

Make it a successful girl scout trip by taking these recommended steps!

Steps   to   Plan   a   Successful   Girl   Scout   Trip

Join Forces to Lower Prices

Plan your trip with other girl scout troops in your area. Traveling together builds a strong sense of community and friendship. Perhaps most importantly, increasing the overall number of people in your group lowers the per person price of the trip.

The most expensive aspect of your girl scout trip is motor coach transportation. Motor coaches typically hold 55 passengers. The more people that fill the bus, the less the price of transportation per person. Fill the bus by inviting parents and other girl scout troops to travel with you!

Not sure how to find other interested troops? Contact your local girl scout council  to discuss your travel opportunity and see what ideas they have for you. Attend a town hall meeting to connect with troop leaders in your area or to present your ideas for the travel experience.


Start Planning One Year in Advance

Successful girl scout trips are planned well in advance of your anticipated travel dates. We recommend starting one year ahead. This gives parents enough notice to budget for the trip and schedule vacation days and family plans accordingly. Furthermore, planning one year in advance increases your chances of securing your top attractions, hotels, and transportation in your destination city. Certain in-demand destinations, such as Washington DC and New York City, book quickly. Start early!


Communicate Early and Often

Communicate with students and parents as early and as often as possible.  Let students and parents know your travel dates and pricing as soon as you do.

Keep travelers and parents “in the know” throughout the planning process. Email monthly updates. Build fun and momentum by including travel tips, fun facts about the destination, or a destination crossword puzzle or word search in your emails.


Build Excitement

Engage girl scouts in learning about the destination before you arrive. Hold a poster design contest, start a blog, begin a class scrapbook or have students create Pinterest boards about the destination. Give students the chance to become an expert on the place they will be visiting and design a project around being the tour guide. More details here.


Don’t Forget Important Dates

Keep important due dates at top of mind!

Deposit Dates: The trip agreement lists the dates the deposit amounts are due. Certain confirmed reservations need early deposits. These are the dates that you agreed upon with your travel consultant.

Rooming List Due Date: Rooming lists must be received 45 days prior to departure.

Final Payment Due Date: Receiving this on time permits our staff to complete the pre-trip preparations for your tour. Paying the balance to transportation companies, hotels, and attractions is the best way to ensure the availability for your group.


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