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Will This Be the Year?

By August 27, 2012 November 1st, 2012 One Comment

Will this be the school year that’s unforgettable?
Will this be the year:

… that your starry-eyed singers experience their first Broadway production?
… that your students they step out of their comfort zones?
… they are inspired to be lifelong learners?
… that your students take center stage as featured performers in Walt Disney World® ?
… where the principles of discipline and teamwork are reinforced by fundraising?
… you take your classroom on the road?
… that your students travel out of state for the first-time?
… that they feel the grandeur of the National Mall?
… your students learn self-reliance by traveling without their parents?
… they are rendered speechless by the Changing of the Guard?
… their senses are overwhelmed in Times Square?
… your students march Pickett’s charge on the battlefield?
… they stand where Martin Luther King Jr. stood?
… your students stop and smell the cherry blossoms?
… that a life-changing experience is disguised as a field trip?
… they see their reflection in the Vietnam Wall?
… where impact is inevitable?

Welcome back to school. Make this year unforgettable for you and your students. You are an inspiration and you push your students to stretch and grow to their full potential.  You can do it. We can help, and now is the perfect time to get started.

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