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Teacher Retirement Part 3: How to Make the Most of Your Last School Trip

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In this four part series on teacher retirement, we cover the following topics:


Enjoying Your Last Trip

It’s your last trip as group leader. How will you make the most of it? How can you be intentional about enjoying the experience? Here are our suggestions:


Add Something New to the Itinerary

Is there a site or activity that you always wanted to include on the school trip itinerary but never made the jump? The time is now! Include this site during your last trip as the group leader. It will distinguish the trip from past years and will be a special reward for all of your years of planning.


Be Mindful of Trip Details for New Group Leader

As you are traveling on your last school trip, be mindful of details that would be helpful for the incoming group leader to know. If you’ve stayed at the same hotel for years, let the new group leader know and explain why. If there are certain restaurants that you prefer for the group based on experience, share this information. These details are all helpful as the new group leader plans their first trip.


Capture a Group Photo with You Included

Schedule a group photo during the trip. This can be a formal photo with a professional photographer or an informal photo taken by another teacher. The important thing is to capture an image of the last group of students whose trip you planned. Make sure that you are in the photo! Years from now, this will be a great reminder of a milestone from your teaching career. Remember – this school trip is part of your educational legacy!


Pause and Reflect

Throughout the trip, take moments to pause and reflect on your experience as a group leader. Which students were impacted most by their travel experience? What has made being a group leader “worth it”? Why did you get involved in trip planning? Why did you stay involved in trip planning? What have been the greatest rewards and greatest challenges of the experience?

As you travel, consider this questions. Write down your answers if you find the time. Store your answers with the group photo. It will be a memory in years to come.


Relax and Enjoy

Ultimately, relax and enjoy this trip as much as possible. Stay in the present moment. Take in the sites as if seeing them for the first time. You worked diligently to make this experience possible for your students. Make sure that you enjoy yourself!


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