Rooming List Form

It is extremely important that we receive your rooming list 45 days prior to departure. We request that you follow these instructions when completing the rooming list form:

  • Assign students and chaperones to rooms in the order you would like the hotel to assign them.
  • Assign four students per room.
  • Do not place your adult/chaperone rooms at the end of your list. Hotels will not take the time to intersperse these rooms amongst the students. If you do not know who the adults will be put chaperone room on your rooming list and indicate the number of male or female chaperones in that room. We suggest that the adult rooms are positioned near the rooms they will be assigned to supervise.
  • Designate all adults and chaperones with -CHAPERONE after their name.
  • On multiple bus tours, please include the bus number of the participants next to their name.
  • Submit your completed rooming list a minimum of 45 days prior to departure.
Special Reminders
  • Please be aware that any changes made to original rooming list may make hotel check-in slower.
  • Complimentary rooms are double occupancy.
  • Paying students and adults choosing not to stay four per room will be required to pay a room occupancy supplement.
  • Hotels will do their best in keeping your rooms together. However, if a guest extends their stay or something happens with room maintenance, it is possible that the hotel may have to change room arrangements
How Do You Fill Out A Rooming List Form?

Accounting Form

The accounting form is useful for tracking your payments. Please submit your accounting form with your payments. An accounting form is unnecessary if you are sending a school check for payment.


Deposit Form

The deposit form is very important for properly crediting your account. Every year we have several schools with the same name. A properly completed deposit form clarifies which school is making the deposit. Your deposit form should accompany all payments.


Flight List Form

This form must be completed by groups traveling by air to their destination. It is used by our travel agent to make airline ticket reservations. All passenger information on this form must exactly match the information on their photo identification. If the information does not exactly match, TSA may prohibit boarding.


COVID-19 Participant Waiver

Scholastica Travel Inc is now requiring all tour participants to submit a signed Participant Waiver prior to their trip departure. This waiver confirms that travelers are aware of our cancellation policy and the inherent risks of travel during the pandemic.

To make the waiver collection process easier, we recommend:

  • Signing the “Signature of Group Leader” location prior to making copies for your group.
  • Collecting the waiver along with the first (or next) trip deposit.
  • Sending the waivers to Scholastica Travel when you send your rooming list. Waivers can be mailed to our office or scanned and sent electronically.

Bus List Form

Use this document to organize your trip. The block format of this document allows you to quickly visualize which student is assigned to which chaperone. The bus list also displays the total number of people on the bus, as well as the bus leader’s name and cell phone number. Distribute a copy of this roster to each chaperone and tour leader for their reference.


Refund Request Form

In the event of a cancellation, this form must be used to request a refund. All request forms must be signed by the group leader acknowledging the amount paid and instructing us on whom should receive the refund. We will not share information regarding your trip with parents or other parties without first receiving permission from the group leader. We ask that the group leader inform us of when a parent has been instructed to work directly with us.


Medical Treatment Consent Form

This form authorizes emergency medical treatment for a tour participant and must be signed by a parent/guardian.


Travel Protection Plan

Scholastica Travel Inc. is a proud member of the National Tour Association (NTA). As an NTA member, Scholastica offers a Travel Protection Plan administered by Aon Affinity which may help protect your travel investment. Individuals (including students, chaperones, and parents traveling as part of a group) can opt to enroll in this Travel Protection Plan. Enrollment is available online in 3 easy steps using Scholastica Travel’s tour operator location number: 386016. Download the flyer to learn more about the plan.